Terminal Information

  • Operational berth length – 484mtrs
  • Berths draft 13.5mtrs
  • Total area of terminal – 5.6hectares
  • Shed size 171L x 51.31W x 7.35h mtrs rectangular
  • Area of shed 8774m2 / 64,488m3
  • Open stacking area of 17,000m2
  • Further 5500m2 of available stacking area around shed
  • Fully ISPS compliant, engaging 42 security officers (24/7) and 4 armed police officers.
  • 23 CCTV cameras covering the entire terminal.
  • Upgraded accounts systems to IFRS standard.
  • ISO 9001/2015 Certified.

JPS is one of the leading terminals in Nigeria, with three berths totaling 484 meters in length. Josepdam Port Services is the terminal operator of Tincan terminal A, that was successful in 2006 to gain the concession agreement with Nigerian Ports Authority.