Port Operations

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Port Operations

Josepdam Port Services (JPS) diversified its operations by handling, receiving, storing of cargo and warehousing products. With three berths, totaling 484 meters, we are able to accommodate vessels of up to 45,000 metric tons.

Our weighbridge scale is mounted permanently to weigh road vehicles and their contents, and essentially measure the weight of the objects, bothwhen empty and loaded. The movement of liquid bulk cargo from the tanker is undertaken by the means of pipes connected to the shore-based storage tanks. Pumping equipment is provided in the tanker storage, but not on the quayside. From there by means of shore based loading arms of liquid products is transferred to the shore manifold and is then distributed at the shore-based storage tanks on the terminal.
Dry Bulk has always been an important commodity in Nigeria, and with an ever increasing population, demand is increasing for access to vital food commodities and minerals. Whilst the Federal Government is making a concerted effort to reduce the level of importation into the country, demand for wheat in Nigeria is forecasted to grow to 10 million tons by 2020 out of which over half will be handled by the Ports of Lagos. JPS is one of the leading bulk cargo specialists in Lagos, with a throughput of 2.3 million tons in 2017, JPS has the wherewithal to discharge Wheat, Sugar, Malt, Salt and Fertilizer, Break Bulk and General Cargoes.
Our port operations service is second to none. In line with the Federal Government`s directive that port operations should be run for 24 hours, operations are on 24/7 basis. Our vessel turnaround time is five (5) days on the average and our Berth Occupancy Rate is 78%.


JPS is one of the leading terminals in Nigeria, with three berths totaling 484 meters in length. Josepdam Port Services is the terminal operator of Tincan terminal A, that was successful in 2006 to gain the concession agreement with Nigerian Ports Authority.