Cargo Storage

With a fully dedicated 8,774 square meters warehouse and a fleet of forklifts, and other equipment specifically designed and equipped to store
bulk (wet and dry) and general cargoes, we can accommodate up to 50,000 metric tons of bulk cargo in the warehouse at a time.

The open stacking area is about 17,000 meters square and with the presence of State of the art CCTV coverage, safe storage of your cargoes is highly guaranteed.




JPS has put in a new development plan which will have more than $50 million invested to provide adequate Silos for wet and bulk cargoes storage.




The movement of liquid bulk cargo from the tanker is undertaken by the means of pipes connected to the shore-based storage tanks. Pumping equipment is provided in the tanker storage, but not on the quayside. From there by means of shore-based loading arms of liquid products is transferred to the shore manifold and is then distributed at the shore-based storage tanks on the terminal.